"Okay so you said a bunch of big words and that's nice, but I'm really hard on my phones! So what sets this apart from similiar products?

Great news! Love 2 Fix has become an authorized distributor of Cellhelmet to provide revolutionary nano-technology screen protection to all of our customers.

"Why Cellhelmet?"

Cellhelmet uses cutting edge nano-technology to comprehensively and discretely protect your device from incredible stress. Think of the pores on our skin, and then think of glass. Glass isn't actually as smooth as we think it is, glass is porous! Cellhelmet liquid glass BONDS with those pores to create a smooth strong finish that is invisible to the naked eye and works with any case.

  • Cellhelmet offers three models of screen protection, two of which offers a glass repair guarantee. If you wind up breaking your screen they will compensate you up to $300 to repair it. (And you already know where to go if you need to have it fixed!)
  • Liquid Glass Screen Protection works with ANY and EVERY device. From Nintendo Switches to iPads, your screen will be secure.
  • Discrete. After application, it's impossible to see. No more pesky bubbling and dirty screen protectors in your way.
  • As well as being universal across devices, Liquid Glass Screen Protection also works with every case.
  • Made in America.



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