Welcome to Love2Fix, where the prices are low, and the satisfaction is high.
We, at love to fix, do not mark up prices of parts, to guarantee a lower cost.

Please come into our shop and check in your damaged electronics. We encourage walk-ins and hope you enjoy your stay. Our lobby is cooled and furnished for your comfort . Enjoy some of your favorite shows while you wait.

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Come into our shop and get a Over the Counter Diagnostic of any phone, tablet, or anything with a power button. After we diagnosis your electronic device, we will give you a Estimate for repair.

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Welcome to Love2Fix Electronic Repair, where we fix anything with a power button. Love2Fix was originally founded in 2011, by Christopher Love and a burning passion. He first setup shop in a small room in his apartment, helping friends save money, and prevent scams from larger companies. Our first official location was located on Fair Oaks Blvd and California Drive. Mr. Love was the owner and soul operator of Love2Fix, until our customer base tripled in size. The business picked up, and we moved to our current location. We have hand picked certified and licensed technicians, that can satisfy all our customers needs.  Technicians  are readily on staff and waiting for your repair. We currently Repair iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG and HTC, Motorola, Nokia, as well as many other types of electronics.

"We fix anything with a power button"

Come to our shop, to receive honest, fast, and Cheap service. Labor starts at 25 dollars. Its hard to beat our price!

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