"LOVE ! LOVE ! LOVE ! this place !  I had an HTC 10 and no one wanted to work on. I found these guy's craigs list ad and I was this is the place for me. Most places want the easy I fix only iphone screens these guys fix it all.  Not only that they are ridiculously fast. I was so happy with my phone, they fixed my laptop with a jacked up charging port. They were reasonably priced. I said I needed computer nerds/dorks ( and I mean that in a loving way )  to work on my stuff I found them. They know what they are doing, they know what they are talking about, they don't bullshit you and they are fast. Plus they fix almost any thing with wires. phones, computers, drones, game systems. I have their contact info saved in my phone. Plus they were all nice and super friendly.  

Thank you for making charging my red asus not a balancing act anymore and actually working on an HTC  !!! You guys Rock !"

"Alright y'all, these guys are fantastic. I cracked my phone months ago and finally got it fixed with them a few weeks ago. Worked great and the price was really affordable! Then I dropped my phone at work the other day (in a lifeproof case, which i'm now told are crap). The screen cracked and almost 3/4 of my screen had no touch sensitivity. I brought my phone back to Love 2 Fix, and before they replaced my screen, they found some sticky syrup-looking stuff inside my phone. They told me they could give my phone a thorough wash that cost about $50 more, but I said no because at the time I couldn't afford it in addition to the new screen. The sensitivity on my phone didn't get any better so I ended up having to return again (for the third time lol) for a board wash, and ended up getting a discount on it which was a nice surprise. Chris and his guys had to deal with me for like three consecutive days so I give them props for being so great. They were soo friendly and funny, and it made the experience really nice. You can tell these guys know exactly what they're doing. I was given a discount on the board wash, a recurring customer discount for the screen, and a free glass screen protector after it was all taken care of. If i have any problems with any of my electronics, I'm coming back here for sure.."


"Such great guys! Went to several iPhone repair shops including computer booter and these guys are 10X better. Such cool dudes, price discount easy going guys. Love them!."

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"This is a proper electronics repair store. I had a micro soldering job I needed done and not a single repair place would touch it. I drove half an hour out to Love 2 Fix and I'd do it again, and most likely will.

These guys know their craft, which is depressingly rare in "tech" repair places these days. At every other shop I had to walk them through, several times, what my problem was. As soon as I came in, Chris knew exactly what I was talking about and in the time I thought it took to test the capacitor, he already had the job finished.

Apple wanted $500 to replace the whole board.
The other guys had no idea what the problem was.
Chris at Love 2 Fix had me out the door in 20 minutes for less than I was quoted, which was less than half the price I expected.

Thanks for turning my glorified paperweight into a functioning computer again, which I am using to write this review, kernel-panic free!.